Adieu Gingembre

Dear friends of Gypfunk it's time to wave baguettes and say farewell to the wonderful Gingembre who has been playing bass for Gypfunk since the very beginning. Gingembre is off to work on new projects so we would like to say a massive merci Gingembre. It has been great fun working with you and we wish you the best of luck for the future. And oh yes - what goes on tour stays on tour.


Le Malfait est Arrive

But the good news is we now have a brand new bassman. We welcome the amazing Malfait to the Gypfunk fold. A fabulous musician and good bloke, Malfait is a natural fit in the band and adds a louche Belgian edge to the Gypfunk sound. We look forward to playing some gigs with the new line-up in the near future. Check out the gigs page to find out where you can hear us play.

Visit our contact page or call Moustache on 07766457441


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