Strains of lithe accordion permeating an acrid gauloise fug draw you to the seamy underbelly of Montmartre’s back streets with its low-lifes, drunks and poets - the natural habitat of Moustache – where he can be found peddling his curious songs of love, booze and working class culture.

The deft touch of Jim Blofeld’s stickwork is the coq in Gypfunk’s au vin. Vastly experienced in many drumming styles from jazz, swing and soul to rock and French café cool. Jim once consumed 3 dozen snails in 10 minutes and finished off with a ferrero rocher.


Spewing forth the lower frequencies of the Gypfunk groove, Malfait is a stylish and yet challenging bassman. Descended from a long line of Belgian cigar dealers, Malfait likes nothing better than an evening in front of a log fire playing Cluedo and eating octopus.